Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarships for African-Americans

If you’re an African-American hoping to get a college education, there are a myriad of scholarships set up to help you do it. Like scholarships for women, some of these are designed to raise the numbers of African-Americans in certain majors and fields where they traditionally haven’t been well represented. Others are for any African-American students, no matter what course of study they choose. And there are literally thousands of scholarships for black college students. The oldest program in the country to help black people succeed in college is also the best known-the United Negro College Fund. The UNCF alone sponsors thousands of scholarships for African-American students. Some of them are for study at historically black colleges, but many of them can be used to study at any college or university in the country. Many of these African-American scholarships are extremely generous. Any young black person hoping to acquire a college education will find an abundant supply of resources and financial aid.

Minority Scholarships for Hispanics

Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of America’s population, and are now the second biggest ethnic group in America. Yet Hispanics’ numbers in postsecondary education don’t match their numbers in the general population. But America’s governments, colleges, and foundations are racing to catch up, and make educational opportunities available for every Latino who desires to go to college. There are large numbers of Hispanic scholarships targeted toward the Hispanic community, and it’s increasing every year. And not only are colleges and foundation making money available for Latinos, there are also several Latino organizations which provide money to help Hispanics achieve their college aspirations. Groups like the Hispanic College Fund, and the League of United Latin American Citizens are leading the way when it comes to helping our newest American get a foothold on the American dream. With all the resources and financial aid available for Hispanics, every Latino student who desires to go to college should have no problem finding assistance.

Scholarship Opportunities for Women

There are thousands of minority scholarships available in America, and they come in a wide variety. Some are designed to give assistance to women and minorities and other groups historically under represented in college, or in particular career fields.

While many more women are attending college than did 25 or 50 years ago, and in some colleges they actually outnumber men, the proportion of women in certain majors and careers still lags behind that of men. Many scholarships are designed to address this discrepancy by making money available to women in these fields. There are scholarships available to women who want to study mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, nuclear science, aeronautical science and engineering, computer programming, software design, archeology, oceanography, chemistry, pre-med, pre-law, biology, public policy, water treatment, physical education, and many more fields. In addition to these specialized scholarships targeted at certain majors, there are also many, many scholarships made available to women for any course of college study they choose.